Wanted Posters are an item in When Heroes Unite: The Next Generation used by the Beaurau Of Conquest to inform the public and a Bounty Hunter or so of their enemies. They are given to the main 12 of the series and their various comrades.


In formation on the posters determine the following:

Desired StateEdit

Often meaning that the person is wanted to be one of the following:

  1. Dead
  2. Alive
  3. Dead or Alive
  4. Don't Care
  5. Just don't let him kill you (Jade)


The Bounty is a comon feature which puts a price on a characters head. the higher the bounty, the more dangerous the character is concidered.


Conciderations are a method of telling how dangerous the character is. This is to the following:

  • Superfluous: Least dangerous of them all.
  • Minority: Troublemaker
  • Minor Threat: 6th degree criminal.
  • Moderate Threat: 5th degree criminal.
  • Major Threat: 4th degree criminal.
  • Severe Threat: 3rd degree criminal.
  • Dangerous (The term "Armed and" will often be added to those with weaponry): 2nd degree criminal.
  • AURGH, WHAT WAS I THINKING!? MOMMY!: 1st degree criminal, normally given to the most powerful of the main 12, but other characters (Pinkie Pie, for example) managed to get this dangerous to the B.O.C.
  • Custom Considerations: Special for certain people who are considered higher then the previous consideration.
  • Dynamite: A special consideration for Claudia.
  • Priority 1: That Honor goes to Jade.


Mainly to be information of what the character did to get a wanted poster.

Dos and Don'tsEdit

Information on how to capture.


Giving information of the character and a fair warning.

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