United Federation Flag

Country Flag.

The United Federation

Land Type:



Atlantic Ocean


Unnamed President

Populating Races:

Humans and Mobians

The United Federation (Located in it's home dimension) is a country similiar to America Only more futureistic. There are no big occurances in either series, but it (The dimension it is in) is the starting point of both main characters in When Heroes Unite and it's sequel.

Notable ResidentsEdit

Jaden Von Bat, III

Jaden Von Bat, IV

Rutako Hakanoshi

Shimo Hakanoshi

Nobusaki "Yaku" Hakanoshi

Doctor Eggman

Events Taken PlaceEdit

When Heroes UniteEdit

  • Hokocho defeats Jade Sr. and kidnaps Nobu.
  • Jade Sr. and Rutako confront Hokocho and Shrubhead.
  • The journy begins.
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