The Adventure Begins is the first episode of When Heroes Unite.


Our story begins with 22-year-old Sir Jaden Octavius Grujaka Von Bat, III and the rest of the Four Clans Connection at Lunch discussing plans to settle down. But soon, they find out that something big is about to happen.

Here's the cheeseEdit

After having lunch with his friends, a strange man named Hokocho arrives in Jade's presence challenging him to a fight which he loses which results in the kidnapping of Nobu. After they learned a secret about why, Jade and Rutako run off to fight Hokocho only to find him and his employer in an abandoned tea factory. After a breif farce, Shrubhead and Hokocho escape through a portal they made to another world.

Key NotesEdit

Characters introducedEdit

Sir Jaden Octavius Grujaka Von Bat, III

Rutako Hakanoshi

Nobusaki Hakanoshi


Doctor Ivo "Shrubhead" Robotnik

Locations introducedEdit

The United Federation

Main stuffEdit

The series begins, Hokocho kidnapps Nobu, Shrubhead introduces his plans about the multiverse.

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