The Phoenix Gang (Known as the "Iron Bird Pirates" in Kujira's world, reffered to by it's members as "The gang") is the 2nd generation 12-main-member varient of Jade III's Party. (More to come)


Here are the main 14:

Jaden Von Bat, IV (Leader, Fragment of Guidance)

Burn Bandicoot (Underleader, Fragment of Honor)

Raphael Mario (Mechanic, Pilot of The Phoenix, Fragment of Intelligence)

Roger Sparx (Fragment of Passion)

Claudia Miyadro (Therapist, Fragment of Kindness)

Harry Newman (Cook, Musician, Fragment of Pride)

Wata Jookiba (Fragment of Ambition)

Jibachi Zoomflini (Doctor, Fragment of Anger)

Clementine "The Cowgirl" Goodherd (Bounty Hunter, Markswoman, Fragment of Determination)

Hay Flower (Tactician, Fragment of Harmony)

Mochi (Trump Card, Fragment of Courage)

Sango D. Kujira (Marine Expert, Fragment of Love)

Bybyby-by By-byby (Comic Relief, Fragment of Happiness)

Flo Wingriver (Peace-Keeper, Fragment of Spirit)


(More to come)

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