Hercules, a common and favourite representation of this race.

Demigods (Demigoddesses if female) are a race of superhuman beings often children or decendants of Gods and/or Goddesses. A demigod has superhuman capabilities such as strength, samina and other atributes of other races making them practically unstoppable (Almost evenly matched with fellow members of this race). Some demigods/goddesses (Such as Jade), dispite his/her overall invulnerability have either one or more Achilles' Heel that will either temperarily or perminantly make them vulnerable to his/her opponent (Ex. if striken in the border of his wings hard enough, Jade will be stunned for three minutes) or a weekness that will weaken them or hinder them from doing anything until an Ally or comrade helps them (Ex. Rubber is the one substance Jade can't break or break out of).

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