Suguru Kinnikuman (Young)

The perfect example of a Choujin.

Choujins are a race of superhuman beings (Most of them Male) with superpowers and a unique form of Wrestling. Choujins are either born with powers and their abnormality or have them bestowed upon them later in life. In a few cases, some Humans or Extraterrestrials have become Choujins.

Physical AdvantagesEdit

Choujins are incredibly powerful (Stronger then humans, certain Demigods and your average Mobian) They can jump to great hights. They posess superpowers which varies between them.

Mental AdvantagesEdit

Your average Choujin could be as smart as a Human, but has several ways of tricking his/her opponent into a move they plan on using or revealing the latter's. In some cases (Namely King and KID Muscle), they could seem quite uneducated inside the fight or out.

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