Claudia Miyadro

An example of a Ani and/or Meta-Sapien.

are a race similar to Mobians, except they come from a dimension where humans were extinct long ago. An average Ani-Sapien can move at the pace of a Human.

Physical AdvantagesEdit

Being decended from members of the animal kingdom, Ani-Sapiens have atributes of their respective species such as a frog Ani-Sapien can jump as high as a Choujin or a Cheetah Ani-Sapien can run as fast as a Mobian, ect.

Mental AdvantagesEdit

Living in an advanced world, Ani-Sapiens are possibly the most intelegent race in the series. To a human, the simplest of minds could be concidered a super genius and a science fair project made by one could be a scientific breakthrough.



Meta-Sapiens are a subrace of Ani-Sapiens who have been genetically-altered to have super powers and abilities.


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